How Batman: The Telltale Game – Episode 1 Changes the Game

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Batman: The Telltale Game

The Dark Knight rises in the exceptional Batman: The Telltale Series, a serialized game that highlights how much its developer has matured. Telltale Games began life by creating G or PG-like adventure games such as Sam & Max and Tales from Monkey Island. The company’s business model is unique: instead of releasing complete games all… Continue Reading

The Year of Ahsoka: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 on Blu-ray

Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 Blu-ray review

Despite a drought of extra features, Star Wars Rebels: Season 2 on Blu-ray is worth owning thanks to its high caliber storytelling. I loved Star Wars: The Clone Wars. It had a shaky start, but after working out the kinks, it became truly compelling television. It introduced Ahsoka Tano and a slew of other fun… Continue Reading